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Lexchange is about Anti-Corruption, International (Regulatory) Governance, Reform

Making the world 'a slightly better place': striving for enhanced transparency, accountability and inclusiveness, by assisting governments and business

Anti-Corruption, Good Governance, Sustainable Development at Heart

Lexchange endeavours for enhanced transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and responsible conduct in the public and private domain

Lexchange: Sound Anti-Corruption and Governance Frameworks for Sound Societies

Meet Lexchange

What Lexchange is

1 Lexchange is a private entity, delivering consultancy services on anti-corruption, international (regulatory) governance and reform. Read more

What we offer

2 Lexchange delivers a number of consultancy services. We cater for international organizations, development (sub) contractors and CSOs. Read more

What we did

3 Let us take a brief look at past projects. You may be interested to learn who contracted us, and where we deployed our services. Read more

Who we introduce

4 Chris Moll established Lexchange in 2012. Expert deployment over 20+ years, in 25+ countries, multiple regions. Let us introduce him. Read more