What we did

Project activities of Lexchange have been conducted in cooperation with the Centre for International Legal Cooperation (CILC, The Hague), the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC, The Hague), the Humboldt Viadrina Governance Platform (HVGP, Berlin), the OECD (Paris), OSCE/ODIHR (Warsaw), SIGMA (Paris), The World Bank (Beirut Office).

Deployment and project delivery cover 25+ countries, located in Europe, the Balkans (e.g. Croatia, Serbia), the MENA-region (e.g. Egypt, Jordan, Kurdistan, Morocco, Palestine (West Bank), Tunisia), Turkey, the Black Sea region (e.g. Armenia, Georgia) and beyond (Indonesia).

The nature of the project deliveries has ranged from assessment, capacity building, expert exchange, policy implementation, peer support, peer review, policy review and (post-academic) training.

Lexchange has drawn on an extensive international network of anti-corruption, governance and 
international legal experts, and is continuously developing new partnerships to take on assignments